Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gorilla baby come on down

39 weeks + 5 days, they tell me you are a long skinny baby!  The midwife said 7 lbs and some change, maybe 8.  Quite a change from N, but if history has anything to do with it, you're quite comfy and may stay put for another 2 weeks, only to be ousted on your very last day inside.   Momma is ready for you to come, Dad is convinced you will show up any day now and surprise us.  N keeps saying, Baby come? Shhhh.  He tells us you are a gorilla (girl).  I'm pretty sure no matter what your gender, he is going to think you are a gorilla impostor of some sort.  Your kicks are vigorous and sporadic, I can tell that you are running out of room.  At my appointment one of the midwives thought your foot was my rib for a second, it was sticking out so much.  Long and skinny.

We are ready for you.  We are stocked up on frozen Trader Joes dinner treats, the laundry is pretty much caught up, our floors are clean and the birth tub is prepped.  Today would be great, or tomorrow, or Friday or Saturday.  Really any day soon, as your grandma is coming to stay for a few days and it would be perfect if you joined us while she was here, so that Momma doesn't worry too much about your big "brudder."  Also, the weather this week is going to be lovely for you, please come before it gets too hot again, (because I know you are concerned about a temperature appropriate entry).

I went through your birth in my mind, and visualized it from the very end when the midwives go home, backwards to the first inkling of a contraction.  I am ready for the sensations (at least I say that now), and I am open to everything not happening as I have envisioned.  Anticipation curiosity expectancy.

There's a gorilla in there! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Here we are on Sunday morning, Nick is out on a walk with Nolan, who now after waking up is too excited by the prospect of the outdoors (which includes garbage trucks, delivery trucks, peapod trucks you name it) that he can't eat his breakfast.  I've just been reading birth stories online, a necessary indulgence given that our time is coming and I feel so underprepared compared to when Nolan was born.   These women who share their stories online will never know the kind of education they've given me/ reminded me of as I approach this next big journey of my second birth.  Here is a little bit of what we've really been doing to get ready.

Nolan has been trying out all the baby gear.  Every time I tell him that something or other is for the baby, he says "Big,"  and pats himself on the chest, like "I'm too big for that stuff but I still have to try it all out. "

He has many strategies for getting in. 

We've been practicing the proper baby hold for getting in and out of chairs. 

Eating lots of corn on the cob with slick hair. 

Practicing the fine art of mixing pancakes up. 

Perfecting the "cheese for the camera" face. 

Beach time is essential for baby preparation. 

Learning depth boundaries. 

"Really guys, I'd like to go deeper!"

As we organize, Nolan cleans out the empty bins, an essential skill. 

And finally, my preparation includes making delicious pizza out of our left over veggie CSA share.  (Mom- this one is for you: zucchini, leek, mushroom, tomato, goat AND havarti cheese!)

Today is 38 weeks + 2 days. I am pretty certain baby won't make an appearance for quite some time, seems pretty snug in there, though I am going to start with the Red Raspberry tea and eating 6 dates a day today (our midwife is recommending this snack to get things in order).  

Nick and Nolan are back, their walk took them to the beach and now they are hosing off in the tub.  Time for another summer day! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

37 weeks and moving right along.

I don't know where to begin.  It seems like so much is happening right now.  For one, I have lovely green, darker than seafoam, but in the same family fingernails.  My toes are sparkly purple.  It's amazing what some nail polish and friends can do for a girls spirit.  I am 37 weeks pregnant now, Nolan is expecting a baby sibling so soon.   My dear friends not only planned a little Lula lunch a few weeks ago, but followed it with mani/pedi time today.  I have been in a bubble of school, home, baby, prepare, and care for Nolan for a while now, and getting out and doing something decadent other than walking to parks and grocery stores felt so nice (and decadent).

So if you haven't heard, we are getting ready for baby.   The window is open now, we are in the clear for home birth (post 37 weeks= go ahead and have the baby), and I am just starting to process the reality of how our lives are going to change forever.  After all, we are going to be meeting someone really important very soon. I think of my siblings, and how connected we are, despite miles and time apart and know that the entry of Nolan's little bro or sis is a really big thing for me of course, but especially for him too.

All that said, my mind is in a million places.  I can hardly hang the laundry without starting to empty the dishwasher and completely forget the wet clothes.   Our baby room is happening, who knew we'd be using the third bedroom so soon, not me!  It is inadvertently feminine, and I hope that is a clue that maybe this one is a girl, but every one save our pediatrician (who immediately guessed girl) says it's another boy.  A healthy baby will be a blessing, but I can't help but hope that everyone is wrong and a little lady pops out.  I would love to buy a few tiny dresses.

Nolan is sensing that something is happening, he is boycotting bed like crazy.  Somersaults, avoidance techniques (yelling Dad! Milk! Water! Book! Nurse!),  last night it took 2 hours.  Tonight, we whittled it down to 1.   He's also has been trying out every baby thing we have around.  Thankfully in Cincinnati we acquired his own baby and stroller, so he can practice.  Whenever he climbs into some baby paraphernalia  he says "big?", like, "I'm too big right?"  And he'll sometimes go and get his baby to go in it.  But not always, sometimes instead of baby, we hear the creaks only 28 pounds in an infant baby seat can make.

Hence the mind all over thing, I just realized that I haven't uploaded the most recent photos of him and his baby doll, or the ones of him climbing into the bouncy seat, and I think we have maybe 5 total pictures of my and my belly so far this pregnancy.  So these pictures will have to come tomorrow.

Also, it just needs to be stated that these posts, while are definitely for some kind of audience known and unknown, they are also for us, as a sort of weird sporadic documentation of our lives, tumult and beauty and all.

I hope this is the beginning (or resurgence) of something regular (at least in the upcoming few weeks) but no promises!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Grutz says, "We've been traveling. And getting ready." or "Boy, time flies when you're getting ready for a homebirth."

Sacrificing bathing and sleeping for a photo update.
So here you go, chronologically.

TT came to town and Nolan was stoked!  He was really excited to hear all about Springfield!  Go Lincoln!

Grandma TT and Grandpa Jere enjoying the paintings.  Notice Mom and Dad NOT in the photo!  Yes, Carleen and I had some respite!

K-k-k-k-k-kissing beauties!

Life's always better with Oma!

You can take the boys out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boys.

Nolan's already working on his resentful teenage look.  Well.....!
Life's good, we're doing well.  Here's what's putting the shuffle in Nolan's step, other than bulldozers;

We'll keep you posted when another Grutz comes into the world.......