Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grutz says, "Blog? What blog? How's that? Oh! Yeah! This blog, kinda forgot.... Pt II!"

Such satisfying lunch! Thanks Katie.

Back to the quick run down continued from this.

Aside from my detention on Endor we did some other interesting and noteworthy things. Such as........
Meese! Look at the meese! Holy cow, meese!

While in the Grand Tetons, Carleen and I ventured into Jackson, Wy. to celebrate my 33rd birthday on the 2nd of October. She provided a delightful surprise, dining at the Snake River Brewpub. The 2nd also happened to be the Iowa-PSU game and I joyfully watched bits and pieces of the beatdown. The late start in Iowa and the time change made the timing perfect. This was a welcome sight.
Kinnick in all its glory. An exceptional birthday treat. Hawkeyes trounced PSU 24-3.
After leaving Wyoming we headed off to Idaho and Montana. Carleen and I found ourselves in Missola, Montana. It's like a smaller version of Madison surrounded by mountains and hills. Ultra-bike friendly and full of college kids. My kind of town. But I have to say it's interesting being in a rather progressive, green, liberal town that also embraces hunting and mining. It seems to be a pretty agreeable situation for all involved. Leaving Missoula, we ventured through Idaho (briefly) and into Washington, en route to Seattle.
Keeping it real in Idaho. Or eastern Washington. Folks in Nebraska are salivating with envy.
Ok, before I continue, and no, I'm not apologizing to anyone from Nebraska, I have to mention the 5 mile laser pointer from a previous post. While we were at the Bad Lands we attended a Ranger led astronomical program. Our ranger had a laser pointer with a range of 5 miles. Aside from seeing the 4 moons of Jupiter through a telescope, the green line emitting from Ranger Bob's hand was shockingly rad. He'd point to a star for identification and even with the near-full moon it would streak miles into the sky. I had no idea these things were available, let alone legal.

It was similar to this. And you really thought I was joking about being trapped on Endor.


Anonymous said...

Glad what was lost is now found.

Julia Healy said...

how do the green people reconcile with mining?
ew dont move to a college town!

Nick said...

Yes, the laser pointer is pretty boss, and if you're a good girl, maybe santa will bring you one. Hope you had a great time in DC. Don't worry, I'm not considering Missoula, but it still was pretty nice.

Peg said...

Luv the mooses! Glad you are enjoying the flora, fauna, and unplanned moments of your great adventure.

Anonymous said...

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