Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grutz says, "Rain? Yeah, a little." or "Wet fun is like regular fun, but it's just wet. And kinda cold, too."

Demanding son.

Nolan insisted I take his picture this morning.  Ok, he didn't insist he asked.  He even said and signed 'please'.
Happy, happy, happy boy.
West of the Mississippi.  Barely.
We traveled back to Iowa over the weekend.  A graduation party for my cousin Jamie on Friday in Solon.  There was NO rain on that day.

On Saturday it rained.  On Sunday it rained.  We got to go to one of our favorite bookstores, River Lights 2nd Ed., and managed to NOT break the bank.  We also had a party for Mom and Jere at Eagle Point Park in Dubuque (Eagle Point Park is one of my favorite places in the whole world).  It was wonderful.  And, did I mention, a little on the wet side?  Many, many friends and family were in attendance and a good time was had by all AND we had the place cleaned up by 10 pm!  Thanks to everyone who helped!  And for everyone we missed (Jon, 'Stube, and super thanks Paula!) we'll see you when we see you......

Oh, and the best part was the sculpture my Uncle Tim made for Mom and Jere.  It's stunning, and of course, I don't have any pics of it.  Will post when I get some.

"The Mississippi IS mighty, Dad!" 
"Whad'ya mean 'Mom has reservations about living in Iowa'?  What is she thinking?  Look at this place!"*

Cousins Nolan, Avanlee, and Waylon.
*This is NOT a factual statement and has been included because I, Nick, think it's funny and I'm always promoting/plugging Iowa and Dubuque.  No, as of now, we are NOT moving to Iowa or anywhere for that matter.  And Carleen DOES NOT have any issues with Iowa.  Just living there, kinda, sorta, maybe.

Friday, May 3, 2013

So whenever I've been absent from this blog for a while (and this one is the longest absentia ever), (no apologies), suffice it to say things are hectic.  And while life feels crazy now, it would probably be smart to describe this time as the calm before the storm.

Yes, you are looking at a weirdo 3-D video of our baby smiling.  Coming in early August.  Or, mid August, if it's a 2 week late baby like Nolan.  I had a ton to say when I started this post, and now this seems like enough.  I think it's bed time, growing a baby is hard work.