Friday, June 29, 2012

Grutz says, "Life: Decision after decision." or "Man, I've got a lot on my plate now, but I'm more than content to rock out with my son."

Carleen and I have many important choices about our lives and our family that must be addressed, well, now.  Since we'll be out of Chicago for the first 2 weeks of July and I start back working on the 16th of July.  (BTW, I am a teacher, my last day was JUNE 15th.  So to anyone who complains about teachers getting 3 months off.....) so we don't have much time. So this morning I was presented with a choice: look for apartments/jobs/future home (IA, OH, Java, etc.)/Illinois teaching certification renewal bs OR play with Nolan.  Ah, priorities, priorities.
"Hey, Dad!  Is this how you play this thing?!  Dad!  Check it!"

"Oh! Right! This way, right?! I'm so stoked!"

"What's that Dad?  Huh?  What?!  Who's Keith Moon?!  Speak up!"
"Two-handed, Dad!!  Uncle Mike, I need a snare!!  Wooo-hooooo!  Rock and/or roll!!!"
I am very confident in my decision.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Massive Update Part 2

Today I danced.  I took class for the first time since November! I've been to the Contact Improv Jam a few times, but today was the first time reuniting with class.  It was really wonderful.  My body is definitely a different one entirely, but the muscle memories came rushing back.  And I made some new muscle memories too.  It was great, such a reminder of what I love, and also that I need to take time for myself on a more regular basis.

On with the updating.  I think we left of at Memorial Day Weekend.  A few weeks later, my cousin Amy graduated from DePaul, and we got together (ie- had a delicious barbeque) with more family in Aurora.  Uncle Jeff indulged Nolan in his constant desire to be jumping.

Nolan was pretty thrilled about it. 

We got to see Nana again! How lucky!

And I wore my new green shoes.  The are called TOMS, I don't know if you've heard of them? (joke- as soon as I made the purchase,  I started to see absolutely everyone wearing them, for the record, they are super comfortable, and I'd buy them again in a heartbeat)

More happy time with Nana. 

And then we tried food!  Nolan has been showing signs of food readiness for a while now (grabbing for absolutely everything we are eating, and is clearly not satiated for very long after nursing).

We tried applesauce, it looked like fun at first, but he wasn't too interested. 

This was still while he was entertaining the idea. 

Turns out he wants to feed himself, and that is the only way he'll take it  Give me the spoon!

We also have a mesh feeder (thanks for the idea Gus!) and so far, frozen mangoes and grapes have been a huge hit. 

But like most things with him, the novelty only lasts 5-10 minutes. 

It's still fun for the time being though!
And then it was almost time for school to be over. Here are some of my darlings. (Roxy can you believe how big some of them are!)



Check out the poses!

In the midst of the craziness of the last week of school, Nick and I got to have a date at a Cubs game! And they won! Yipee.  The highlight of the night was 1. riding my bike to the game, and 2. the soft pretzel with mustard. 
Go Cubs Go!

Before Julia left, on my first day of summer we had a mini photo shoot, starting with a self portrait of my boy and I. 

Gaze into the mirror, see the camera! 
And here's Julia and her charge...

We miss her! Come back Auntie Nanny Sister!

I cannot resist this little face!
And back to Iowa for Fathers Day and a few days after.

Grandma TT has delicious spoons. 

Only if I can do it by myself, and 2 at a time please.
Hanging with Papa Danny! All smiles.

Nolan's head completely covers Papa Danny's,  it's been said that Nick had a huge head as a baby too... 

 We also visited with cousins and aunts and uncles and beautiful baby Stella! (Who is a month older than Nolan).

Giant baby vs. petite princess... 

Solids take 2.  This time sweet potatoes!  He seems to tolerate them, but really wants to do it him self.  
This kid has had a mind of his own since day one (deciding to stay an extra 2 weeks past his due date!)

No worse for wear.  He likes food all over his face. 
And now we are pretty much up to date.  (Happy Fathers Day Nick!) 

I am sure I've exhausted all of your eyes with the superfluity.  I promise we won't go two months again without a word!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Massive Update Part 1

It's a little embarrassing.  My father in law reminded me yesterday that we hadn't posted anything in almost 2 months.  Ooops.  Life has been just a little busy.  Nick and I finished up school this past week on Thursday and Friday, and then we took off for an Iowa trip on Sunday, returned yesterday, and are figuring out what it means to be a summertime parent- how to divy up baby care and house care and each other care.  If you've seen us lately, you know our baby is thriving by his gigantism and giggles, and for those that haven't seen us, I'm going to do a photo dump to catch everyone up to speed.

Julia and Arnie are making eyes at each other.

Julia was here, she got on famously with Arnie (after a few playful nips she put him in his place, and they bonded.  She made the mistake of letting him on her bed, and the bed was never the same.

We visited Iowa, this was back over Mothers Day weekend.  We were able to see a lot of family, Nicks' sister and fiance, and Grandma and Aunt, and Mom and Dad all made visits.  It was all very nice!
Nolan finds the camera in the room. 

And hangs out with great-grandma. 
And examines Papa Danny's teeth. 

Arnie perfected the puppy dog stretch sleep position. 

We took Nolan on his first plane ride, and he was a champ.  Such a good traveler, no big fits, and he smiled for all the people behind us on the plane. Towards the end of the plane trip he got fussy and Nick just lifted him up so he could look back at the rows of people.  They provided entertainment.
Nolan made flying arms...

And we read books. 
We visited one of my favorite places in the world, The National Cathedral.  My grandmother lives close by and it is one of the things we always do whenever we visit.  I kind of feel like it belongs partially to me since it was such a part of growing up and visiting family in DC. 

Nolan laid in the grass.  He wasn't sure about it at first. 

It seemed okay. 

And then he had to taste it.  It was pretty good. 

I love these boys and this place so much. 
While we were in DC, we got to spend special time with Nana, but also Nolan got to meet his great Aunts and Uncles!  Unfortunately, the only pictures I have are with Uncle Jim, but we also got to see Uncle Mike, Aunt Babe and Uncle Chuck, and Uncle Rich and Aunt Maggie.  It was really great. Nolan was particularly interested in Uncle Jim's amazing animation.

He was even trying to make the same silly face. 

Nolan loves reading books, of any sort.  Yesterday we read about North American birds for 15 minutes. 

 We had a wonderful visit with Nana, (great- grandma) and Nolan was a super sleeper while we were there, making life nice for us.

Yawn for the camera!
And this brings us up to Memorial Day Weekend, I will post the rest tomorrow!