Sunday, August 5, 2012

Grutz says, "We are busy." or "Nolan, how on earth did you get in there?!?"

Busy is as busy does?
The summer has not been nearly long enough for the Grutz-Healy gang.  Carleen goes back to work full time tomorrow along with the planning, class-prep, and many, many to-do's.  We're still in need of an apartment in approximately 25 days.  Or belongings must be packed in order to move to yet-unknown-apartment.  Though we've decided that I'll be staying home, that's right, Mr. Mom, I've been away visiting my ailing father.  And there's the little matter of managing all these things with our one and only Nolan.

But save your pity for someone who needs it.  We've had ample vacation time this summer.  And, on a whim, we packed up the car and spent a night in Holland, Michigan.  It was lovely and very beautiful.  I hope we can explore the west coast of Michigan in the future.

Our family enjoying the sunset in Holland, Michigan.

"Ooooooooo, the sand tastes funny in my mouth, Dad."

My son is impressive.
I couldn't find Nolan for awhile this afternoon.  Then I did.

"Oh.  Hi, Dad.  What's new?  I'm in the dryer."

"And then it was spinning 'round and 'round like this!"