Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ojai to Joshua

Photo Montage Recap

Beautiful Ojai Valley, view from a hike. See the groves of oranges and avocados? Lush.

He's so cute. 

I realize this is the only picture of Mary Jo and Todds awesome home in Ojai, not the best shot but emblematic of my super cousins.  Crazy cousin Liam, plus Nick and cousin Max on their computers in Ojai.  A common sight. 
Rocky Ventura coastline, about 15 minutes from Ojai.  Believe it or not, we actually got some sun right before the clouds rolled in.  I loved the smooth stones,  speckled and colorful that dotted the coastline.

Aunt Carol Lynn and Nick lounging on rocks at the natural hot springs in Ojai.  These springs were a perfect temperature and lots of people were soaking up the heat and peace. 

My Aunt Mary Jo is the bathing beauty in our group.  Nick and I just got in half way, I can't wait to go back and take better advantage. 

I soaked my legs and enjoyed dancing with the rocks before we went to a delicious breakfast with Carol Lynn on the way out of town.

Welcome to Joshua Tree.

Our Joshua Tree campsite at Indian Cove, was by far our favorite spot.  We camped up against a huge rock face.  It was silent and clear and starry.  We slept so well!

Campsite view, rocky walls all around us.

More to come in the morning. 


Anonymous said...

Joshua Tree is such a mystical place - you can feel things with all of your senses.
Loved the beach sights!

carleen said...

We loved the beach sights too, I so wish we lived closer. Joshua Tree was mystical- I think it may have been Nicks favorite. We are going to be seeing you soon! Love, carleen