Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday in the afternoon

Caught having a few minutes to myself:  my boys are on their way back from watching football with other boys (babies and dads), my papers are graded, and the diapers are hung to dry.  It's not bound to last long, but for the moment, the couch is really comfortable, Arnie is at my feet, and I am looking at a sun drenched front room.  I am so grateful to be where I am in this little moment.  It's been a FULL past few months, hence the random, sporadic updates.   We've had visitors, we've been spending time with friends, we are on the other side of 3 teeth, and the holidays are imminent.  That pretty much sums it all up, oh and, Nick and I are in agreement: we work equally as hard at a go away to work job and at a stay at home job.  We are both exhausted at the end of our 10 hour days.  And Nolan is walking.

We had a visit with Uncle Matt and Aunt Maggie about a month ago.  

Matt took a turn carrying him on the way back from the park, and by the time we were home, he'd grown huge muscles  (read, was exhausted) from our little 25 pounder :)
We caught Nolan's first pen and ink drawing.  (I modeled the squiggly line)

Nolan's 10 month photo: why do I love the light in this picture so much? It must be the boy being lit in the light.

Love this kid. 
This is pretty much a constant. Surfaces have to be completely baby friendly and toss- able.  The Montessori globe is a favorite:  it's very noisy hitting the wood floor.

This was before our very own episode of "life happening," to be continued another day. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Grutz says, "Here be dragons. OK, here be A dragon."

A brief Halloween for Nolan.

"Yep, Dad, I'm  going to get some candy!"

"What do you mean, 'I'm too young for candy'?"

"Ok, no candy, so I'll play with this noisemaker with Mom."
  This post took me 15 minutes to post.  Life during baby-time, huh?  Hopefully I'll post something soon, like "Hey is this water or pee?  Oh, it's pee." or "I love the smell of urine in morning." or "Wha, it's Friday?!?!"  Happy Friday everyone!