Sunday, June 2, 2013

Coming into something new

So today Nolan took Nick's hammer and started banging in Arnie's water bowl, then dumped it over completely.  He also stood in Arnie's food tray, and he took handfuls of dirt out of a plant and watched it accumulate on the floor.  He mischievously drew on the carpet with crayon, waiting for my reaction and did the same thing touching the oven; just waiting for me to react.  And, on a long stroller walk he talked the whole time, to me, to the birds, to the dogs, and to his buddy Gus.   He is coming into his own.  He is joking around with us, saying "Boo" and trying to scare me, asking to call specific people on the phone (Peggy!), trying to make us laugh, and the best part of all today, this child of mine who loves bread and crackers and milk ate two orange slices, had a mango smoothie, and ate our dinner and asked for more.  We had stuffed green peppers with quinoa, carrots, onions, and spinach.  He ate it ALL.   Something has shifted in the past few weeks, his vocabulary is exploding, and he is finally tasting (and eating) more fruits and vegetables.  This new eating thing makes this mama so happy, and lessens my guilt about not nursing as much and his consumption of cows milk as his primary protein and vitamins every day.  Though, as you can tell by his cherubic stature, he has never wanted for calories, it just makes me happy to see my almost 18 month old eating colorful foods, finally.

He is also sleeping like a champ.  This is from May 1,  he fell asleep while Nick was holding him and continued his snooze on the couch!

This is his scrunchy nose smile face, when he is asked to "smile."  I can just see the school pictures down the road...

The next photos are from a family beach trip from a few weeks ago.  Nolan's first move: solo running towards the water, with one glance back to check on us. 

Daddy follows, the water is a little cold still for wading. 

Hey Mom! 

Surveying the land. 


On the move, as usual. 

There is more to say, plus, I'm 31 weeks pregnant, where did the time go?  Now for sleep.