Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter update

Well I feel like a success right now. I (we) got through a tech week and weekend of performing and came out if it feeling good about the dance and the experience. My family survived my evening and daytime absence and I only took one sick day at work.  It was a special gift to dance with someone who knows me so well.  (Is this where I hashtag Kristina Fluty? :) Because our friendship is so long and storied we could focus on the integrity and honesty in the dance: A true and rare delight for me. I am pleased to say I want/ need to do this again, and feel motivated to make it happen.  I am so grateful for the gentle observers in the dancers and audiences and the generous comments that made me feel so appreciated.

At home, there has been tons of cuteness going on, and milestones jumped over all the time. Everybody is growing up so fast. Maybe reverse chronological order is appropriate since it's been a while.

Nolan's getting ready for Mardi Gras! 

Light, shadow and love.

Snow (or extreme cold) day snuggles this morning.

Jam sesh after the show last night.

This kid is a performer.

Family cuddle puddle. 

Pic from dress rehearsal (photo by Lizzie Leopold).

Car seat sleep pics on the way home from Iowa Christmas last weekend.

Sleepy face mouth breathers.

Our girl loves to smile big!

And Nolan gets in at least one squeezy hug everyday, which Frances is not so sure about...

It's been a packed few weeks. Nick has been the rock that we all balanced on and I am forever grateful. 

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